Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad, Bruce Payne, and my loving husband, David Arndt, and my awesome Father-In-Law, Russell Arndt and to Patrick who drove the red chevrolet.

Today, June 16, 2013

 It all started last night. We got home from Disney and David got out of the car and I jumped in the driver’s seat. I said, "I need to go get something for you. I’ll be right back.” We’ve been working a lot and I hadn’t gotten him a Father’s Day card. At that hour all I could find were some Father’s Day cards that would be from a child to a father and a few gorgeous, but inappropriate mahogany cards.  Needless, to say I went home empty handed except for a carton of eggs for breakfast.
I woke up this morning on a mission and left the house for my outing to find David something for Father’s Day.  I rarely go anywhere without him.
Fast Forward: I’m sitting at a red arrow light in the right lane. If you live in Florida, you know that the law says “right on red unless marked otherwise”. Well, this was the otherwise. There were two right turn lanes and two red arrow lights. While waiting at this light in the far right lane a car comes up from behind and slams into me. After the initial shock, I looked in my review mirror and saw a small red Chevrolet full of people. They did not get out of the car. So I decide to get out and approach them. I got out of my Jeep Commander and went to the rear and looked at the damage. Still no one got out of the Chevrolet. So I went over to the driver’s side and motioned for him to put down his window. He was very hesitant and wouldn't look at me. When the window was down I noticed that he was a very young looking dark skinned male. There was a woman sitting beside him in the passenger seat, a pregnant young woman in the back seat and two young children who looked very frightened.  The first thing I said was “Is everyone O.K.?” They all said “yes”. They didn’t say anything else or even ask me if I was alright. So the next thing I said was, "there were two red arrows, do you have insurance?" The woman next to him reached in the glove compartment and started looking through papers. The driver never spoke but he was shaking nervously as he took out his wallet and handed me his driver’s license.  I thought this was very odd since I’m not a police officer.  I knew I should be calling 911 to report the accident, but I also know it usually takes at least an hour for them to respond, so instead I took his driver’s license and walked back to the rear of the Jeep and started copying all the information. At that time the woman passenger who had been looking for the insurance information got out of the car and approached me.  She told me it was her brother driving.  I knew from his driver’s license he was only 20 years old. I asked who the pregnant woman (girl) was in the back seat. She said “that’s his wife and she is really stressing out right now”.  She told me her uncle does body work and they would really appreciate it if I didn’t go through the insurance company. She gave me her name and phone number and asks me to please call her and her uncle would do the work and they would pay for it to be fixed.  I took her name and phone number, looked back and smiled slightly at the driver and then got in my car and drove away. Things that went through my mind before I made my decision were, “Does the phone number she’s giving me, really work?, Does she have an uncle who does body work?, Did they even have insurance?, Shouldn't I at least get the registration and see if the car is in their name, get the tag and the model of the car, at least.”
All those things went through my mind, but then I thought of the children, the caring sister, the young pregnant woman and the young male driver (a new father to be), compared to the dented fender that just didn’t seem like it amounted to a whole lot when it came down to how it might affect the lives of these people.
I probably did everything wrong according to the law, but according to the laws of the universe, I most likely did everything right. So the question is: Will I get a shiny new dent- free fender or will I be looking at the dented fender for a long time to come, and instead of the "eye sore" making me feel bad, will it be a constant reminder of a decision I made that made me feel really good, deep down inside.
I don’t know. I just felt like writing about it.
Fast Forward: I went to the mall, David got two new pairs of shoes from me and a great Father’s Day Card. Lisa and I are taking him to dinner tonight.  
Happy Father’s Day to my amazing husband, David! Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad who has been my Hero, my whole life, and to my awesome Father-In-Law who I love dearly and to Patrick, the young man who rear ended me today, and to all of our grooms who have become Daddy's, and to all the Daddy's of our brides.
Have a Happy Father's Day!
 We love you all!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Love Stories 2012

2012 was a magical year.
Be sure to follow the link below to view a slideshow/video of our 2012 weddings and engagements.